Looking for a band can be a challenge. We know this because most of our clients had to search far and wide before they found us. When choosing a country band for your wedding, corporate event, bar or festival, there are a few things you should consider:

1. What is your band’s setlist? Do you cover music for all ages?
Many country bands focus on only the newest music or only on songs that are 30+ years old. Make sure you have someone who can be flexible for all age groups.
2. Does your band have multiple testimonials and references?
One testimonial isn’t enough. A good band should have raving reviews from almost every show they’ve played.
3. What quality sound equipment do you have?
Even the best band can sound terrible, have feedback issues, or have gaps in play if they don’t have the best quality equipment. If they don’t have new, high powered (doesn’t mean loud, it means quality), you or they should be prepared to spend $300-$1,000 on renting quality equipment. We provide rentals for bands as well as events using only the latest and greatest equipment available for as little as $500. Our premier production package ($700) is included in most of our shows.
4. Do you have a sound man?
If your event is larger than a small party, you want to ensure you have a sound man or things can go very wrong quickly. Changes in the amount of people and even how people are congregating in a room can make a big differences in certain frequencies, making it difficult to hear the singer, bass, etc. Without a sound man, the sound will not be consistent and feedback issues will be much more likely.
5. Do you have lights?
We learned our lesson early on how important band lighting is for a good show. Not only does it make the band more visible to the audience, it adds ambiance and allows the musicians to see each other and coordinate better. Most venues are not set up for proper band lighting so a band should be prepared to bring their own lighting.