The Easy Posse, Florida’s favorite country band, played the Soho Saloon country bar in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa, Florida.  Bringing country music to this non-line dance bar was no challenge and before our second set, the staff and audience were moving pool tables to make room for the line dancers pushing their way out the door.  This affluent neighborhood was a perfect spot for us both that night and in the future, as it lead to us being the band for another wedding as well as introduced us to a lot of new fans.

Michael Disser (Owner) –

“Soho Saloon on Howard Ave in Tampa was fortunate to book Easy Posse for their Grand Opening in August 2012 and has re-booked the band several times since then. Soho Saloon is a small venue and the band was able to deliver fantastic sound and adapt to a small stage area. All the band members have great attitudes and showed professionalism when interacting with our patrons, taking requests, sing alongs and during their short breaks. Easy Posse is popular with a wide range of our customers due to their ability (and willingness) to play a wide variety of music and do it at a high level.”